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В Барселоне террористическая атака - говорят о 13 погибших и множестве раненых. Ставлю 10 против одного, это опять аллахакбар.
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Итальянская газета 'La Stampa' опубликовала его фото и имя - Driss Oukabir, сославшись на испанскую El Pais.
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The first suspect identified as linked to the Barcelona terror attack is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally. (fox)
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Уже подтвердили, да, что мусульманский теракт.

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там целая терророячейка –  на двух вэнах. Говорят так же был захват заложников и освобождение.

Вместо lone wolf будет small group, наверное.
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и по почерку,и по исполнению-исламская тварь,да.

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Исламистская (хотя мы и этого не знаем). There's a subtle difference.

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Члены IS – исповедуют ислам, и при этом – исламисты. Какие-нить эм, например, кырымлы, или паства покойного Саида Чиркейского –  тоже исповедуют ислам, но их ислама не предусматривает ничего похожего. Not that не-сторонники политического ислама не были еретическими меньшинствами уммы.
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увы,я этих тонкостей не знаю.
Все,что я знаю,это то,что на смену левацкому террору а-ля
банда "Баадер Майнхоф" и "Красные бригады" в 1960
и 70х,в Европу пришел новый террор,ь
с исламским душком.
И-гораздо более кровавый.
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в трудное время мы живем.Все возможно.
Но для левацкого террора нужна
идеологическая(а ее я не вижу) подпитка.
Финансовая и с оужием-тут
"проблем" нет--Путлер и путлерюгенд поможет
всем,чем надо..
Но идеологии не вижу..коммунизм и
крайне левые идеи не очень то
полыхают сегодня,как когда-то.
Но..не буду Нострадамусом..хз..
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Результаты голосования за демагога Сандерса не говорят
мне о том,что вторая "Красные бригады" группа на подходе.
Не хочу лить дождиком на этот парад..но
крайние радикалы-левые и болтуны вроде Сандерса
как-то не тянут в одну упряжку..
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There is none. By definition, every muslims life is instructed by quran, where non-stop jihad is one of the tenets.
Every muslim is responsible, directly or by providing funding, shelter or ideological assistance.

spare me Bush-like BS re: "religion of peace
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amen to that. There is no "moderate" Islam and
"radical" Islam.
there is ISLAM.period.
Religion/ideology of intolerance,hate and world
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there is no "islamist radicals", it's always "muslims".
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Try to explain that simple and obvious fact to those who
are screaming: Rasists!
One lady online told me that there are fundamentalists : christians, budhists,
jews etc,etc..
Muslims and Islam are NOT just like everybody.
Their basic ideology and theology is violence and domination.
In fact they do not even pretend otherwise.
They are saying straight out that Democracy and Islam CANNOT
And they are absolutely right.
Islam is the exact opposite of ANY democracy

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The Bible, in both of the testaments, says things in support of slavery and racism. For once, saint rabbi Shaoul haTarsi also known as saint Paul, as well as one Shimon bar Yona of Bethsaida, aka St. Peter the apostle, used to write that slaves should obey their masters as they should to God. While the Bible was extensively used to justify and promote slavery and racism, one could probably not call those phenomena "christian" in good faith; neither could one claim any significant number of today's devote christians are in support of slavery or racism due to their religion.

Islamic ummah is an extremely fragmented entity with nothing like the Pope or other central authority. Since a solid majority of groups within Islam do not really deny the petty jihad (against infidels, that is), it is by no means a religion of peace. A lot of them Muslims, esp. of Salafi or Wahabi sunni sects are saying it openly – that islam is mostly a religion of war. The vast majority of people who identify as Muslim and are not in support of that notion are either
a) not religious or
b) outright liars (taqiyah, a process of telling lies to the infidels, is permitted by Islam).

The notion that military force and terror should be used to speed up the conversion of the world into an Islam-dominated place (dar-al-Islam, house of Islam) as opposed to a battlefield against the non-Muslims (dar-al-Harb, house of war) is typically called "global political islam" or "islamism". Islamism, contrary to what people like one Barack Obama or HR McMaster or John McCain are saying, is rooted in islamic faith and its holy books. The idea that IS or Al Qaeda have little to do with islam a dangerous piece of b/s.

I guess the point I am trying to make is this: not exactly every single devout muslim is in support of political Islam and the idea that muslims should forcibly convert the entire world into Islam. In fact there is a number of sects inside islam that outright reject this notion. This is pretty important. The perception of Westerners increasingly seeing muslims as backwards barbarians, terrorism-supporters and generally a threat is not unknown in the islamic world. There is a effort by leaders, both religious and secular, in the Islamic world, most notably general Sisi of Egypt, to actually try to get some less backwards version of Islam into the mainstream in the middle East; something akin to the European Reformation. This idea has support of one Donald J Trump, our President, who is mocked, left and right for that said support.

I used to stay for pretty prolonged period of time in traditionally muslim-populated places and there weren't really any Islamists there. Maybe it is just silly me, though, but I do prefer to note the subtle difference.
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There is no need to "educate" me about islam and its many sects. I can care less for strewn few arabic terms, subtle differences or the fact that some Donal J Trump thinks he will out-sly one of their cunning foxes.
It is I who lived among so called "peaceful" muslims for prolonged periods of time - and in fact, live among their expansion now: in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tataria and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, which they mokingly call BayRoute [Beirut].

There are no moderates in islam. if you're a muslim ,you are either at open war, or support the "warriors" materially or ideologically. After resurrection of islam in post-soviet asian republics, after 70yrs of intense westernization, I no longer believe in "less backward" versions.
At this point, if a muslim wants to convince the world he is not a bloodthirsty barbarian intent on universal caliphate - he has to cease to be a muslim. Sincerely - but since it's impossible to trust a muslim, his/her sincerity is not to be believed.

as to bible full of nonsense - you don't have to convince me: I am an atheist.
but don't think that all that per-enlightenment stuff in it is just a letter: if muslims succeed, by their many provocations, to turn the christian world into a new crusade, it will be an end not only to muslims, but the end to christian enlightenment, and very possibly - to the Jews. Once the monster of religious war is woken, nobody is immune.
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